Optimizing Warehouse Productivity: A Comprehensive 6-Step Guide

Learn to boost warehouse productivity with our 6-step plan. Embrace digitization, efficient loading, and insights for improved logistics.

Navigating the Evolving Digital Landscape for Business Success

Embrace strategic digitalization to stay ahead in a fast-paced digital world. Adapt to rising consumer expectations and explore the build vs buy decision.

Revolutionizing FMCG Operations in the Middle East

Empowering seamless workflows and enhanced efficiency in the Middle East's fast-moving consumer goods sector.

9 Ways Dispatch Planning Software Benefits Field Service Businesses

As demand for field services increases, their challenges increase too. Find out how dispatch planning software benefits field service businesses.

9 Factors to Consider While Choosing a 3PL Logistics Partner

In this infographics, Locus explained 9 crucial factors that E-commerce businesses consider while finding the right 3PL Partner.

7 Ways Logistics Optimization Software Helps Businesses during Ramadan

Find infographics on how logistics optimization software helps to manage demand during peak shipping / delivery seasons like Ramadan and Raya. Read More!

Direct-to-Consumer Business Model vs Traditional Retail Business Model

Direct-to-Consumer Business Model vs Traditional Retail Business Model - Know how the D2C business model and traditional retail model differ

5 Best Practices to Simplify All-Mile Deliveries for Your On-Ground Staff

Follow the best all-mile delivery practices to satisfy ground staff by optimizing routes, pinpoint addresses, realistic ETAs, all-mile tech, and visibility.

Top 7 challenges and opportunities in the Food and Beverage Industry (F&B)

With the online user penetration in the US expected to be 81.6% in 2023, the food and beverage industry will be looking to expand its offerings and widen its customer base.

Top 10 Trends in the On-Demand Home Services Market in the US

The demand for on-demand home services in the United States has transitioned from being a luxury to a necessity.

2023's Most Popular Home Services in the USA

With growing demand, convenience, cost savings, and more, it’s no wonder that the home services industry has become a major player in the American economy.

Quick commerce explained in 5 mins or less

Quick commerce brings the orders placed by customers from multiple dark stores placed close to neighborhoods. Learn how q-commerce works and the trend.

Quick Commerce is America's New E-commerce

Quick commerce is the new-gen of e-commerce in America it offers greater convenience and speedier home deliveries to customers.

How to Find the Best Order Management Software (OMS) for Your Delivery Business

Finding the right order management system for your business can be crucial in exceeding buyer expectations in the all-mile. Check out the top 10 features to look for in an OMS.

What’s Really Slowing Down Your All-Mile Logistics?

For B2B businesses all-mile delivery is the most efficient phase of the entire supply chain. Know about the challenges and areas of focus for your all-mile logistics.

What are the logistics trends that could impact supply chain in 2022?

Today, complexities and opportunities are equally increasing in logistics. Find out the critical logistics trends that could impact supply chains in 2022.

White Glove Logistics: Challenges in Christmas Tree Logistics

White-glove delivery services simplify the task of enabling all-mile fulfillment of Christmas trees. Know the challenges and features of white glove delivery.

The Future of 3PL and Shipping Industry: Logistics Trends for 2022

As the logistics industry gears up for a fresh start after a volatile 2021, find out the trends that will shape the third-party logistics and shipping industry in 2022.

‘Tis the season of gifting: Enabling timely delivery of gifts this holiday season

Check out what Americans are buying this holiday season and how holiday shopping looks like in 2021 and how brands can enable timely delivery of gifts.

Thanking Over 2 Million American Truck Drivers This Thanksgiving

Truck drivers play a vital role in ensuring holiday gifts and retail merchandise reach millions of Americans. Know why thank a trucker this Thanksgiving.

6 Key Features of Healthcare Logistics Software

When selecting a healthcare logistics software for your business, look for these key features to boost the logistics performance and to tune your supply chains.

Top 6 Healthcare Supply Chain Predictions of 2022

Here are six predictions and trends that will dominate healthcare supply chains in 2022, which can optimize inventory and improve the customer experience

Top Five Challenges and Lessons for Businesses in Enabling Same-Day Prescription Deliveries

With an increased demand for prescription deliveries, find out the top five challenges and lessons for businesses in enabling same-day prescription delivery.

Cracking the Code: Customer Experience and the All-Mile

Companies are realizing how important all-mile delivery is in improving the customer experience. Find out how businesses are using TMS to optimize all-mile deliveries.

5 Crucial Points That Determine Whether Businesses Prefer a Fixed or Flexible Logistics Model

As supply chains undergo transformational changes, find out five crucial points that determine whether businesses prefer fixed or flexible logistics models.

5 Reasons F&B Brands Require an Ideal Supply Chain Network Design

With highly-complex supply chains, find out five reasons why Food and Beverage brands require an ideal supply chain network design. Read more now!

6 Ways Supply Chain Strategies have Evolved since the COVID-19 pandemic

Businesses are struggling to cope with volatility in consumer demand. Find out the six ways supply chain strategies have evolved since COVID-19 pandemic.

6 Major Supply Chain Trends to Expect in Holiday Season 2021

Businesses are looking to gain the most out of this holiday season sales. Find out the six most important supply chain trends for this 2021 holiday season!

Peak Season Checklist for Retail Supply Chains: 2021

Follow the checklist or best practices for retail supply chains to manage, plan and execute the peak season sales during this uncertain time of 2021

Top 5 F&B trends since the inception of COVID-19 Pandemic

Discover how the present consumer demands have shaped the top five food and beverage industry trends after the onset of COVID-19 pandemic.

8 Ways to Optimize Alcohol Delivery with Logistics Software

Learn how a delivery logistics software can benefit brands involved in alcohol and beverage e-commerce. Know the challenges & solutions. Read More!

8 Trends that will Define the Future of Hyperlocal Delivery

Know the reasons for an increased adoption of hyperlocal deliveries during COVID-19 & what are forthcoming developments in the hyperlocal delivery industry.

Difference Long-haul trucking Vs Short-haul trucking

In this infographics, Locus explained the differences between Long-haul trucking Vs Short-haul trucking. Read More!

5 Crucial Statistics On the Future of Micro-fulfillment Centers

In this infographics, know the 5 crucial statistics on the future of micro-fulfillment centers in growing e-commerce sectors like fashion, healthcare etc.

9 Useful Tips to Build Cross-border E-commerce Strategy

Here are 9 useful tips to build your cross-border e-commerce strategy with network optimization software.

9 Effective Ways Technology Contributes to Sustainable Logistics

In this infographics learn the impact of technological innovation on building sustainable logistics. Here are 9 ways.

Sustainability from Raw Material Sourcing to All-Mile

In this Infographics learn how to enable sustainability from raw material sourcing to the all-mile. Know how Locus can help for sustainability.

Top 10 Logistics & Supply Chain Predictions for 2021-22

Visit Infographics & Get an overview of top 10 predictions on how the post-pandemic recovery looks like for businesses in the logistics and supply chain space.

Why to Prefer On-demand Hyperlocal Delivery?

Why do consumers prefer an on-demand hyperlocal delivery model? How to cope with rapid delivery expectations of customers? Read Now!

What Supermarkets Are Doing In Order to Thrive?

Will Supermarkets step up their game in order to thrive? How logistics tech can help supermarkets meet increased demands & same-day deliveries with ease.

Click-and-Collect Model: The New Shopping Trend

Check how the Click-and-Collect model is trending in the online shopping space? How does it benefit customers, retailers? Know logistical solutions? Read More!

Build an Efficient Urban Logistics with Microhubs

Want to build efficient urban logistics? This infographics explains how microhubs help businesses save costs in urban deliveries. Read More!

Network Optimization- The Road for Building Optimal Network Design

Network Optimization, Network Design, Supply Chain Network Optimization, Supply Chain Network Designing, Cost Effective Network Designing

Weather-Proofing Your Delivery Logistics Operations

How to weather-proof your logistics operations from season-induced logistics breakdowns and vehicle downtimes? Learn how delivery logistics software helps.

Time Slot Management For Evolving Customer Expectations

Time Slot Management- How to improve supply chain efficiency while keeping up with evolving customer expectations? Read More!

10 Amazing Benefits of Location Intelligence for BFSI Companies

Location intelligence is the key for BFSI businesses to optimize their business operations and enhance their customer satisfaction.

How to Enable Same-Day Delivery for Cannabis Business

Find marijuana dispensary infographics with list of same-day delivery logistics challenges and Locus help to automate end-to-end solutions. Read More!

Benefits of dark stores

Know the benefits of dark stores business model for e-commerce retail to complete orders in heavily populated areas. Read More!

Supply chain control towers: A tool to gain visibility & control over logistics operations

38% of organizations have currently adopted a control tower solution due to COVID-19. Whereas 31% of organizations have accelerated their investments in control tower applications due this pandemic. -Fast Forward, Rethinking supply chain resilience for a post-COVID world, Capgemini Aug - Sep 2020.

Things Are Looking Up - The Future of E-Grocery

Online grocery has seen a great change in just a few months, with customers hoarding in a panic to a steady transition to shopping for groceries online.

Skill-Based Routing — The Key to Flawless On-demand Service Dispatching

The on-demand service industry is booming! Thanks to COVID-19 and stay-at-home norms, there has been a tremendous increase in people opting for on-demand services.

Crowdsourced Delivery Promises Growth for the All-Mile

Crowdsourced Delivery Platform- Learn how crowdsourced delivery platforms work and the role of logistics tech to gain supply chain visibility. Read More!

Electric Vehicles (EVs): The Future of All-Mile Delivery

As convenience, delivery speed, and efficiency continue to define customer experience, there is a growing trend in the use of Electric Vehicles to carry out all-mile operations.

B2B Logistics Businesses: The Engine that drives Customer Experience

Online shopping is the new normal - 68% of customers increased their online shopping during the pandemic and 68% plan to shop at the same rate or more post-pandemic. - Northridge Group, State of customer experience, 2020 Business and Customer Service Trends

Fleet Utilization: Meet Customer Expectations with reduced operational costs

Trucking volumes have increased by 30% in 2020. - McKinsey study on US freight after COVID-19

Meal-Kit Delivery Services – The Most Challenging On-Demand Food Logistics

Meal kit revenue is expected to grow to over 7.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2024, an expected threefold increase from around 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2017.- Online Meal Kit Delivery services in the US, Oct 8, 2020.

How to Choose the Right Route Planning Software?

To make all-mile deliveries successful, a route optimization tool is inevitable. Route optimization helps businesses meet increasing customer demands while meeting SLA requirements.

Reduce Carbon Footprint with Green Logistics

Green Supply Chain plays a vital role in reducing carbon footprint. Know how to create a sustainable supply chain and role of logistics technology

Now Trending in Logistics: The Hub and Spoke Distribution Model

Efficient logistics has become a key enabler for success in the supply chain industry. Hub and spoke distribution is now becoming a popular logistics model among enterprises to ensure cost efficiency and faster deliveries.

Logistics and Supply Chain Predictions for 2021

2020 was a challenging year, yet there were some hidden opportunities for logistics and supply chain enterprises. As we head into a brand new year, it’s time to look at some industry predictions for 2021

Logistics Tech for All-Mile Efficiency in Direct to Consumer Selling

Why retail and CPG brands are taking the D2C path & consumers too, prefer buying directly from brands? Know the role of efficient logistics in D2C Selling.

Predictions for the COVID-19-pandemic hit Holiday Season 2020

Predictions for the COVID-19-pandemic hit-Holiday Season in 2020, what are the customer preferences, and buying trends.

Direct-to-Consumer Selling Trends to Watch in 2020

Direct-to-Consumer Selling Trends to Watch in 2020 - Discover D2C selling trends that will define the success of retail brands in 2020 and beyond. Check Now!

Top 10 Trends that are Shaking Up USA’s Grocery Market in 2020

Grocery markets are rapidly changing, as the pandemic has transformed the way groceries are bought and sold traditionally. Here are America’s top 10 grocery market trends since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Top 12 COVID-19 Trends in the Consumer Goods Supply Chain

As the United States becomes the new epicenter of COVID-19, here’s a closer look at the country’s consumer goods supply chain and how the pandemic is changing shopping patterns among consumers.

How Route Optimization Software improves all-mile delivery in Southeast Asia

There are a lot of factors that make all-mile delivery a complex challenge in Southeast Asia. Read this infographic to understand how Route Optimization improves logistics performance in the region.

Looking for a Route Optimization Software? Here's what to consider.

A Route-Optimization software can optimize your logistics operations phenomenally. What out for these 11 features while selecting a solution for your business.

Introducing FADR

What is First Attempt Delivery Rate, and how does it affect your business? Learn in our latest infographic.

Why Locus DispatchIQ is the solution to all your Route Optimization issues

The exclusive feature of Locus DispatchIQ differentiates it from all the other Route optimization solutions available in the market. To know more, read this exclusive infographic.

Route Optimization Software: Benefits to different business segments

Different sectors need Route Optimization to serve different purposes. From omnichannel presence to managing customer expectations, optimized sales beat plans and visibility of resources; Automated delivery route planner can help different industries in different ways. View the infographic to know more.

Why businesses need Route Optimization?

How consumer trends are creating new demands? And how can Route Optimization fill these demands? View our latest infographic to know more.

Route Optimization Simplified

How is Route Optimization different from finding the shortest route? What real-life constraints need to be considered for creating an optimal route? Read our infographic to know more...

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