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Leverage industry-leading last-mile logistics solution to streamline e-commerce logistics management, automate end-to-end logistics planning, and add transparency to the last mile to provide seamless and enjoyable customer experiences.

Power memorable consumer experience with efficient last-mile logistics

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Delivery volumes are growing exponentially several times a year, while customer expectations for delivery timeframes, end-to-end visibility, and transparency are at an all-time high.

Increase capacity with optimal on-ground operations supported by industry-leading solutions. Improve efficiencies at scale with daily optimized routes, delivery zones, capacity allocation, and automated transporter management, all designed to maximize customer satisfaction at optimal costs.

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Case Study

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Enabling customer satisfaction with 99.5% on-time delivery in e-grocery

Modern dispatch management for e-commerce logistics solution

automated scheduling

Efficiently manage deliveries through automated scheduling

Utilize a centralized dashboard to seamlessly group, schedule, ship, and monitor deliveries while meeting SLA requirements and maximizing resource utilization.

flexible delivery options

Offer customers offering convenient and flexible delivery options

Leverage Delivery Linked Checkouts to schedule deliveries with multiple time slots and rescheduling choices even after order pickup for reliable and punctual order fulfillment.

address routing mistakes

Accurately assign addresses to avoid routing mistakes

Utilize a geocoding system to enable routing based on geographic zones and notify dispatchers of inaccurate addresses for resource management.

multiple delivery channels

Maximize efficiency by utilizing fleets across multiple delivery channels

Meet customer demands by strategically configuring on-ground resources to achieve the most efficient use of delivery models.

faster parcel sorting

Minimize loading durations through faster parcel sorting

Efficiently sort, process, and route large volumes of parcels to reduce loading times and increase efficiency.

reducing time spent at fulfillment centers

Maximize delivery throughout by reducing time spent at fulfillment centers

Optimize capacity by scheduling precise shifts based on customer-preferred delivery windows, minimizing wait times and increasing efficiency.

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