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We focus on your delivery logistics. So you focus on what matters most - your customers.

We currently live in a world of consumer empowerment. With every tick of the clock and flip of the calendar, businesses are now challenged to align themselves with the dynamic world. Locus helps you achieve a sustainable competitive edge with our cutting edge technology solutions.

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The Focus Of Locus Is Unpretentious – Become The Largest Logistics Automation Platform

Locus is constantly innovating and building improvised products that help solve challenges in the logistics space. Over the course of time, Locus’ clients have experienced an immense value add in intra- city movements. Locus has also now commissio...

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Previous tracking solutions only told you where your truck is, Locus is going to tell you where your truck should be.

Locus is a single product that is designed to solve multitude of problems. It manages everything from dispatching, route optimisation, and real-time driver tracking to managing on field workforce to sending SMS alerts to customers.

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New Indian Express New Indian Express

New Indian Express

Locus: Getting tech smart, logistically

Spearheading a technological revolution in the logistics industry, Bengaluru-based tech start-up Locus has added a new inter-city dimension to its services. The inter-city feature enables tech support to delivery businesses across the country

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Deccan Herald Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald

Locus-ing automation in logistics - changing dynamic

the venture offers various benefits to its clients — 25% increase in efficiency and productivity gains in the furniture vertical, 40% jump in number of orders per vehicle for intra-city C2C deliveries, 75% increase in orders per delivery boy in fo...

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BW Disrupt BW Disrupt

BW Disrupt

Locus Enters Healthcare Services. Disrupts Medicine Delivery Starting With 1mg

Locus helps 1mg optimize their deliveries by enabling efficient automation & optimization using their route planning engine for orders, live tracking and visualization on the dashboard using Locus app. The average distance travelled per rider for ...

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Your Story Your Story

Your Story

Locus simplifies logistics, allowing businesses to deliver their products at the right place and at the right time.

When you want to dispatch a set of products, Locus plugs into your order management and vehicle system and figures out which of these packages should be delivered by what kind of vehicles, in what particular order across what customers and at what...

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We focus on the logistics technology, while companies focus on their customers.

Locus aims in bringing homogeneity in supply chain process by supplanting human decisions with automated system that aids in efficient route planning and refining the last mile deliverables taking into account real-time & un-foreseen challenges.

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Yahoo! News Yahoo! News

Yahoo! News

Locus raises US$2.75 million in Series A funding.

Locus offers two services to clients — to build and to customise — with the goal of bringing clarity to companies operating in logistics, which is often considered an opaque industry in India.

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Office Chai Office Chai

Office Chai

To Maximise productivity, Locus seems to keep employee happiness at the forefront.

At Locus, we have a unique culture where the entire team lives and works together thus re-creating a bustling "hostel-like" culture that proved to be a great productivity enhancer.

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Exfinity leads $2.75M Series A funding round in logistics startup Locus

Last mile delivery being the vexing issue of e-commerce and logistics Locus solution for Logistics factors in real world fuzziness and supports erratic network, inacurate addresses and other exception scenarios making it deep-tech platform.

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Necessity of Deploying Automation Technology in Logistics Management

Even though penetration of technology in the Indian logistics sector has been sluggish, Locus believes there are huge opportunities to leverage it for the benefit of not only the logistics companies but also the end customers.

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Digifire: Locus enters healthcare services. Disrupts medicine delivery starting with 1mg

Locus helps 1mg optimize their deliveries by enabling efficient automation & optimization using their route planning engine for orders.

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Route Optimization


Intelligent route planning suite that generates optimal & profitable delivery routes along with efficient resource utilization plan. Factors in real-time traffic, dynamic business constraints that helps increase execution of deliveries at reduced cost.

Fireworks Routing
Automagically generate clustered routes with zero overlaps, while respecting business parameters like time windows & SLAs.
Vehicle Allocation Engine
Recommends best-suited vehicle (Right vehicle to Right order) to save time & fuel consumed.
Locus on the Road
Intuitive rider app that encompasses easy navigation, proof of delivery & payment system.
More Features
Other Products

Tracking & Learning

Unified dashboard to track on-ground resources in real-time. Integrate with multiple GPS systems.
Learn More

3D Packing

Intuitive and easy-to-use container or bin packing plan for maximum vehicle utilization
Learn More

Business Intelligence

Single window tracking of essential metrics and rider behavior to aid future strategy planning
Learn More

Innovation driven by Technology


Today, customers expect convenience. Businesses now need to be closer to the customer than ever before. Locus powers that vision by supplanting manual decision making, with robust, intelligent and data-driven platform throughout the logistics chain.

At the heart of our products is heuristic technology that is close to real life and takes into account unpredictable factors on-ground.

Machine Learning
Bleeding-edge technology innovations that leverage Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and predictive algorithms to build a scalable and reliable platform.
Artificial Intelligence
An AI-driven optimization that accounts for real-world on ground scenarios and business constraints modelled to continuously adapt and improve.

Scalable solutions for all businesses


Tailor fit solutions that address your logistics challenge and align with your goals

3PL & Transportation

Increase daily delivery rate with optimal resoruce utilization and delivery scheduling
Learn more

Field Services

Improve asset utilization and customer experience with smart scheduling and optimal assignments
Learn more


Increase rider efficiency with optimal delivery routes and vehicle utilization
Learn more


Make more deliveries with smart routing plan, save on time and fuel costs.
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Cold Chain

Temperature controlled distribution, smarter delivery routes with better resource utilization .
Learn more

Optimize my Business

How We Can Help

Sample Values

  • Fuel cost per km: ₹ 5.00
  • Cost per vehicle: ₹ 1000.00
  • Rider wage per hour: ₹ 125.00
  • Fuel cost per km: ₹ 5.00
  • Rider wage per hour: ₹ 125.00
  • Cost per vehicle: ₹ 1000.00
AWAITING ENTRIES Calculating… Savings in Transportation Cost


Sample Values

  • Operating Hours: 9 HRS
  • Delivery Personnel: 100


What our clients are saying




/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/amit-chaudhary.png
Locus provides a powerful routing solution that handles all our real-life situations. They are invaluable to our daily operations, and have helped us increase the tasks per agent by 20% with 80% of the orders completed within SLA's. Apart from this, Locus' team is very responsive and flexible. They customized features like the reschedule & reassign based on our needs.

Amit Chaudhary




/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/vs-sudhakar.png
We use Locus for automatically planning our delivery routes and tracking our last mile delivery. They have worked closely with our Product team to keep enhancing the product. The new feature which they deployed recently with real time alerts and planned vs. actual comparison in an extremely simple UI has really helped our Ops teams to manage the last mile deliveries effectively.

V.S. Sudhakar

Co-Founder & Executive Director



/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/prashant-tandon.png
We started using Locus services a few months ago and found it useful to manage our field operations. It helped us in creating transparency and managing our logistics field force better. Locus team was also very approachable and willing to help for our unique needs.

Prashant Tandon

CEO & Founder



/assets/img/testimonial_quote.png /assets/img/people/kaustubh-chakraborty.png
Using Locus, we are able to simulate multiple what-if scenarios and then take larger business calls. For example, we send carpenters on all our delivery vehicles and at one point we questioned ourselves on why we need to send carpenters on all our delivery vehicles. Is there a better way to do? We actually simulated this on Locus. Without the tool, it would have been hypothesis.

Kaustabh Chakraborty

SVP (operations and supply chain)

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