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Bring greater efficiency to all-mile operations by locating opportunities through data-driven analytics and insights, and intuitive dashboards that combine geospatial information with 250+ operational metrics.

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Targeted learnings to drive better decision-making

Insights provides businesses a look at their hidden inefficiencies and insights on new growth opportunities by transforming data into powerful visually interactive dashboards over 250+ key operational metrics.


Total deliveries optimized


Savings in logistics costs


On-time deliveries

Solve key analytics challenges with Locus business insights

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Redefine business strategy with data-backed decisions

Ensure Data-backed, Efficient Decision Making through Powerful Analytics

Ensure data-backed, efficient decision making through powerful analytics

Leverage data-driven analytics and insights to understand your business better and optimize for productivity.

Single Source of Truth for all Stakeholders

Single source of truth for all stakeholders

Ideate, collaborate and brainstorm decisions based on latest and mutually accessible data.

Identify Operational Inefficiencies

Identify operational inefficiencies

Compare and analyze metrics over periods of time to perform root cause analysis for better accountability.

Customize Dashboards to suit Business Needs

Customize dashboards to suit business needs

Apply filters, drill-down, or drop-down tools for granular insights into high performing areas and operational bottle-necks.

Set Benchmarks for Performance

Set benchmarks for performance

Boost productivity across teams, business units, or regions with performance leaderboards.

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