Route Planning

Deliver more on a single route by leveraging our advanced route planning engine to optimize routes for time, distance, and over 180 variables.

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Scale all-mile efficiencies with optimal routes

Locus’ Route Planning System leverages advanced algorithms to plan ideal routes for scheduled, dynamic, and recurring fulfillment models on a unified platform. It helps businesses manage vehicle journeys and schedules while improving driver performance and distribution operations, to deliver more on a single route.


Total deliveries optimized


Savings in logistics costs


On-time deliveries

Solve key route planning challenges

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Real world ready route planning with Locus fireworks routing

Real-time Re-optimization against Exceptions on the Ground

Real-time re-optimization against exceptions on the ground

Automatically identify instances of current and potential delays in real-time and course correct to accommodate SLA breaches or ad hoc tasks.

Dynamically Plan Routes and Vehicle Assignment across Legs

Dynamically plan routes and vehicle assignment across legs

Leverage capacity-led routing for route first, mid and all-mile with high delivery efficiency and minimal cost. Utilize cloud-based system intelligence to ensure every shipment moves through the right nodes for effective cost control and robust chain of custody.

Drive on-ground Resilience with Predictive Routing

Drive on-ground resilience with predictive routing

Automatically reassign unplanned tasks or at-risk SLAs to best-suited service technicians to ensure task allocation accuracy and fairness.

Stay on Time, Every Time

Stay on time, every time

Reconfigure at-risk SLAs and ad hoc tasks within minutes to always stay SLA compliant. High SLA adherence enhances customer experience while boosting brand trust and recall.

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