Hub Operations

Greatly increase operational efficiencies in delivery operations and reduce the time spent in shipment processing by reducing human dependencies.

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Automated hub operations for delivery partners

Reduce sorting time and personnel cost significantly with Locus’ automated Hub Operations solution.

Locus’ Hub Operations significantly reduces Time Under The Roof by cutting down on manual effort across key operations such as intelligent sorting, robust scanning, picklisting and more.


Total deliveries optimized


Savings in logistics costs


On-time deliveries

Solve for key hub inefficiencies

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Fast-forwarding hub operations:  less time under the roof, more on road

Strategize for Frictionless Loading and Unloading at Hubs

Strategize for frictionless loading and unloading at hubs

Drive down time under hubs with first-in-last-out loading operations via automated load balancing and sorting.

Power Fastest Time to Dispatch with Intelligent Sorting Engine

Power fastest time to dispatch with intelligent sorting engine

Auto-sort orders based on specific constraints like speed of delivery, nature of order, service zones,  & more.

Maximize Vehicle Capacity with Integrated Unit Load Formation

Maximize vehicle capacity with integrated unit load formation

Optimize dispatch operations for volume and cost efficiency by assigning orders to suitable pallets or trucks.

Minimize Network Errors by Eliminating Unauthorized Movements

Minimize network errors by eliminating unauthorized movements

Recalibrate fulfillment journeys with hub-level control to eliminate on-ground delays due to misrouted orders.

Reduce Hub-Level Delays with Swift Scanning

Reduce hub-level delays with swift scanning

Fortify every leg of the fulfillment against delays due to missing orders, with robust inbound and outbound scanning.

Simplify End of Day Settlements for Each Trip

Simplify end of day settlements for each trip

Create custom workflows to reconcile payments, undelivered SKUs, orders, & asset recovery at each hub.

Get Granular Visibility Into Fulfillment Lifecycles

Get granular visibility into fulfillment lifecycles

Configure custom workflows at hub-level to include proof of delivery & chain of custody transfer to drive immediate visibility at each hop.

Bring Visibility on Order Status across entire Fulfillment Lifecycle

Bring visibility on order status across entire fulfillment lifecycle

Stay on top of shipment progress from dispatch to delivery via real-time updates and intelligent alerts at each fulfillment milestone.

Bridge Operational Gaps with Insight Led Operations

Bridge operational gaps with insight led operations

Optimize operations for reduced time-under-roof, SLA breaches due to delays and maximized volume utilization with insights based on real-time execution data at every touchpoint.

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