Customer Success Stories

Impactful stories from industry leaders on how Locus is enabling all-mile excellence with its real-world ready dispatch management platform.

How Locus Propelled FKS' on-time Service Levels from 85% to 95%

Step into the world of FKS Food and Agriculture, a prominent figure in Indonesia's food and beverage industry, as they tackle intricate logistics challenges.

At-Home Dental Care Made Easy | Dezy with Locus

Watch how Locus' automated slot management and route planning solutions helped Dezy to achieve a scale to complete 100k+ appointments and saved 4500+ man hours.

How Optimized Order Fulfillment Revolutionized TATA Croma's Logistics Operation

Watch Locus helped TATA Croma retail logistics in optimizing order fulfillment, with dynamic scheduling and planning, and AI-backed strategic routing

Enhanced Delivery Operations for Online Floral Marketplace | Floranow with Locus

Watch how Locus' Dispatch Management Platform helped Floranow to achieve a 99.5% delivery rate, up from 70%!

How Shyft Powered 7x Growth With Locus’ Logistics Platform

Watch the video to know how Locus is enabling Shyft to deliver delightful consumer experiences, end-to-end visibility and helped to achieve 7X growth.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency for PT Agro Boga Utama

Watch how Locus helped Indonesia's PT Agro Boga Utama to automate their order scheduling and routing, vehicle utilization and other operational efficiencies.

Delivering Growth and Last-mile Excellence for Customers

Our clients spread across 30+ countries and varied industries talk about their success journey and the impact of Locus logistics solutions. Watch the video!

Optimized Route Planning & Resource Utilization for Bukalapak

Bukalapak, a leading Indonesian e-commerce marketplace, partnered with Locus to address route planning and resource utilization. Watch the success story!

Rentomojo Success Story: Last-mile Route Optimization

Rentomojo one of India's largest rental platforms partnered with Locus to optimize delivery routes with our route optimization solution. Watch the success story.

Optimizing Heavy Engineering Supply Chain for Kirloskar

KOEL looking to upscale manual route planning and other operations. Watch how Locus transformed KOEL’s supply chain operations with route optimization.

Route Planning to Empower Drivers Performance for CARS24

Watch how Locus' route optimization and tracking solutions helped to improve drivers performance and filled gaps in the logistics processes of CARS24.

StarQuik Story - Delivering Customer Delight at the Doorstep

Watch how Locus optimizes every element of StarQuik’s omnichannel supply chain, right from delivery routing, to live-tracking, to vehicle utilization, and more.

Last-mile Delivery Route Optimization for BigBasket

Locus offered a complete Delivery Route Optimization solution to help BigBasket plan delivery routes, drivers to deliver more, and cut down fuel costs. Watch!

Optimizing Retail Logistics With AI: Croma Success Story

Watch Locus helped TATA Croma retail logistics in optimizing order fulfillment, with dynamic scheduling and planning, and AI-backed strategic routing.

Automated Shipment Sorting Solutions: Blue Dart Success Story

Watch how Locus automated shipment sorting solutions helped Blue Dart- DHL, reducing human errors and increasing operational efficiencies dramatically.

Healthcare Logistics Optimization - Droplet Success Story

Locus improved operational efficiencies for Droplet, one of India’s leading partners for pathology-based home sample collection in the diagnostics industry.

Life at Locus

Snapshots straight from the team members on why Locus is a great place to learn, innovate, and grow.

Locus | Locus Sports Day 2023 | Teaser

Catch the thrill of Locus Sports Day 2023! Celebrate sportsmanship and unity through our highlights video. Get energized and inspired. Click to watch!

Locus Sports Day 2023

Experience the magic of Locus Sports Day 2023 and discover why it transcended the ordinary annual event. Watch now for a special moment!

Locus Sports Day 2022

Watch the glimpse of Locus Sports Day 2022

Locus Growth Journey - 6 Year Milestone

Six years of optimizing supply chain complexities and automating logistics decision-making. Watch the glimpse of how we've grown over the last six years.

YourStory Fabulous Workplaces Featuring Locus

To know what drives us to work every day, watch Locus in this exclusive YourStory video series called Fabulous Workplaces.

Geocoding has been Simplified by Locus Data Scientist

Watch Shantanu Bhattacharya, Data Scientist at Locus simplify the concept of geocoding and its application in the business world in this exclusive video.

Infocus Webinar Series

Insights, strategies, and frameworks to turn your All-Mile into a revenue generator from captains of industry, global supply chain leaders, and all-mile experts at Locus.

[In-Focus] Profitable CX: Making the Right Choice with Buy vs Build | Locus

Discover whether to buy or build logistics solutions through insights from our webinar, designed to help you exceed customer expectations and make informed decisions. Watch now!

[In-Focus] Build Vs Buy | Time to Value, ROI, Subject Matter Expertise

Watch Mehul Kapadia and Nagaraju KB from Locus discuss the intricacies of ROI, solution longevity, and the importance of expertise in making build vs. buy decisions. Click to watch now!

Buy vs. Build: Decoding the Logistics Dilemma

Unravel the logistics puzzle that is instrumental in driving growth for modern enterprises - buy vs. build. Dive in to watch now!

Transformation of Sinar Sosro's Last-Mile Delivery

Experience the game-changing impact of Locus on Sinar Sosro's logistics. Witness efficiency and growth unfold - Dive into the glimpse of this webinar now!

In Focus: Strategies for Supply Chain Success | Locus

Discover insightful supply chain strategies that could help businesses tackle rising costs and soaring customer expectations.

How well do you know your E-Commerce customers?

Watch how an integrated Supply Chain Management solution can help e-commerce companies to ultimately improve their bottom line

Acing the Festival Seasons With Unparalleled Last-mile Fulfillment

Watch how e-commerce companies in India can excel during the festival season by leveraging a robust Last-mile delivery solution

How to Ace the Last-mile for Subscription Deliveries

Watch how the subscription model gaining popularity and what Last-mile challenges might subscription businesses face

Southeast Asia’s E-commerce—Winning the Next Wave of Shoppers

Watch what are the unique set of opportunities and challenges that e-commerce in Southeast Asia presents.

The Emerging Trend of Medicine Delivery in Egypt and The Middle East

Watch how medicine delivery trends are evolving in the Middle East how digital transformation is helping pharmacies keep pace with the competition.

Why Omnichannel is the Future of Retail in the Middle East

Watch why omnichannel fulfilment is a sound strategy for e-commerce and retail brands to adopt.

Unlocking the Potential of Supply Chain Network - Webinar Video

Long-term decision that enterprises sometimes tend to overlook is supply chain network optimization. Watch how to unlock the potential of supply chain network.

How Same Day Delivery Changing Businesses in Southeast Asia

It is a nightmare for companies to crack the same-day delivery code. Watch to know how to optimize same day delivery and how it is changing businesses.

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping the Supply Chain

Transforming supply chains is now a top priority for companies worldwide. Watch the webinar to know how artificial intelligence is reshaping the supply chain.

BigBasket Story - On-time Deliveries for 10Mn+ Customers

Bigbasket, India's leading e-retailer scaled up their business from 1 to 10 mn+ customers in just under seven years. Watch how Locus was part of the success.

How AI & Deep Learning help in Supply Chain Decision Making

Watch the webinar to learn about how you can optimise your supply chain using Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning technology.

Last-mile Insights

A quick look at key trends and concepts across industries that influence excellence in Last-mile fulfillment.

Experts Take || Locus || The Power of Innovation in Enabling Last-Mile Excellence

Explore the power of logistics innovation: Learn how it propels businesses to unmatched efficiency and enables the delivery of unforgettable customer experiences, distinguishing them in the competitive market.

Unveiling Locus | Transforming Retail Logistics Worldwide

Find out how Locus' Dispatch Management Platform empowers brands to transform their retail logistics and accelerate growth prospects.

Experts' Take || Locus || Crafting the Ideal Cusomter Experience

Transform logistics with insights from KB Nagaraju and Locus in our 'Experts’ Take' series. Dive into customer experiences, technology, sustainability, and efficiency. Watch now!

Elevate Your Logistics Game with Locus TMS

Learn how Locus' Transportation Management System (TMS) masterfully balances exceptional customer experiences with profitability, enhancing operations, elevating satisfaction, and increasing profits

An Introduction to Locus | Growth, Delivered | All-Mile Excellence

Discover Locus: Elevate logistics with our advanced dispatch platform for unmatched efficiency and customer satisfaction. See why leaders trust us. Explore now!

Locus for 3PL & CEP | Growth, Delivered

Boost your 3PL or CEP business's on-time deliveries and efficiency with Locus Dispatch Management Platform—trusted by brands like Bluedart/DHL. Discover how!

Experts' Take | Unlocking Logistics Success || The Power of Data-Driven Decision-Making

Witness the incredible transformation of sports through data-backed insights, and how it mirrors the vital role they play in the logistics' last-mile fulfillment. Don't miss this captivating connection – watch now!

Improving Payout Visibility for Delivery Drivers | Locus: Built with Empathy

Watch how Locus' Driver Companion app transforms driver empowerment through financial transparency.

Making Lives Easier For Dispatch Managers | Stories From The Ground

Watch dispatch managers share their daily success stories with Locus, the ultimate route and capacity planning tool. See how it automates routes, corrects errors, and optimizes resources for seamless operations.

Empowering Riders: Locus’ Color-based Map View System | Built With Empathy

Discover how Locus redefines rider navigation with an innovative map view inspired by subway systems and designed for ease, inclusivity, and adaptability. Watch how we make delivery tasks streamlined, efficient, and accessible.

Empowering Delivery Drivers On-the-Go | Locus Driver Companion App | Stories From The Ground

Watch drivers as they share how LOTR – Locus' Driver Companion App streamlines tasks, digitizes deliveries, and ensures customer satisfaction.

Optimizing Last-mile Logistics for Asia’s Top Supply Chain Brands

Watch how Locus offers AI-powered logistics solutions to bring efficiency, consistency, and transparency to your home delivery supply chain.

AI-Enabled Route Planning Software for Driver Shortage Problem

The driver shortage is a real-world problem faced by supply chain and logistics businesses across the world. Watch how Locus route planning software helps.

Supply Chain Sustainability with Green Logistics

Locus green logistics solutions are not just about bringing efficiency and transparency, but also to bring sustainability in the supply chain. Watch the video!

Challenges and Trends Driving Growth in 3PL Industry

Watch the exclusive video by Locus that brings about the emerging trends in the 3PL industry and make better delivery decisions at your enterprise.

How To Increase First Attempt Delivery Rate

Locus coined the term first attempt delivery rate (FADR) and are on a pursuit to help e-commerce and 3PL companies improve First Attempt Delivery Rate.

Key Steps For Optimizing Supply Chain

Watch this video to learn how Locus brings efficiency, consistency, and transparency to our client's supply chains in several industries.

Convert Your Logistics Operations to a Revenue Generator