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Locus for Big & Bulky: Leave the Heavy Lifting To Us

Whether you are a furniture or an appliance company, leverage Locus Delivery Management Software to make the optimal number of large item deliveries with the utmost care and convenience.

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The Complete Order-to-Delivery Solution for Big & Bulky Enterprises

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The Locus Edge

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Make Every Delivery Count

Ensure greater deliveries at the first attempt with a wide range of convenient delivery and installation options to your customers.

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Fleet Utilization Like Never Before

Allocate orders for optimal volume utilization of each vehicle, and ensure the right person is always available for specialized installation and handling requirements.

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Meaningfully Trim Down Delivery Costs

Optimize last-mile costs with routes that cut down on distance, time, fuel spent, and even idle time stuck in traffic with dynamic routing capabilities.

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Streamline Big & Bulky Fulfillment

Ensure more deliveries on every route by automating order and route allocation for resource availability, unloading times, and on-site assembly or installation requirements.

“ Locus came up with a custom tailor-made solution for us with geospatial polygon utilisation system.

Locus also gave us an easy to use ui for customers that they could book any slot as per their availability as well as a driver app which would ensure our delivery boys wouldn’t necessarily need to coordinate with somebody to perform their tasks effectively.”

Rajarshi Chattopadhyay

VP - Product, Revenue & Data

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55% Increase in Net Promoter Score & 17% Reduction in Logistics Cost

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Consistently Maintain Order Fulfillment Amid Variable Demand

Leverage intelligent shipping recommendations for carriers that are equipped to handle all big and bulky shipping needs for big and bulky shipping needs. All while reducing costs, and improving service levels and resource use.

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Keep Deliveries on Track With End-to-End Visibility

Spot and proactively resolve on-road exceptions with programmable automated alerts enabled by our real-time tracking solutions.

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Keep Your Customers In the Loop

Elevate the customer experience with turn-by-turn updates on orders with a white-labelled tracking page and multiple, two-way communication channels.

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