Looking for a
Route Optimization



Why does your business need a
Route Optimization software?

  • Saves logistics costs
  • Speeds up delivery
  • Improves staff productivity
  • Ensures adherence with SLAs
  • Enhances overall supply chain performance

But with so many solutions in the
market, how to find the best fit?

Look for a route optimization
solution that is capable of

Autonomous Route Planning

Using AI-driven route planning to minimize human intervention

Autonomous RP

Accurate Geocoding

Converting fuzzy addresses into precise geographic coordinates

Accurate Geocoding

Intelligent Vehicle Allocation

Recommending the right vehicles based on traffic,
shipment, vehicle type, etc.

Intelligent Vehicle Allocation

Cost-based Route Optimization

Considering multiple cost variants to offer the most
economical route

Cost based RO

Optimal Fleet Mix

Offering a best-fitting fleet mix based on consumer

Fleet mix

First Attempt Delivery

Ensuring deliveries in one go, saving you storage
and re-delivery costs


Single Route Plan

Clubbing forward and reverse logistics in a single
route plan

Single Route Plan

Automated Escalation

Notifying authorities in case of route divergence or

Automated Escalation

Historical Data Inspection

Analyzing information of riders, customers, and timings
to plan routes effectively

Data Inspection

Rider Preferences

Considering rider skills, expertise and preferences for a
smooth transition

Rider preferences

Dynamic Route Planning

Rerouting on the go and handling on-demand orders
in real-time

Dynamic RP