Locus for FMCG/CPG: No shelf left behind

Drive profitability with same-day and next-day shelf restocking, an optimized distribution network, and end-to-end visibility with Locus Delivery Management Software.

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The complete order-to-delivery solution for FMCG/CPG enterprises

The Locus edge

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One platform for streamlining fulfillment

Ensure timely delivery with efficient order processing and optimal delivery planning to multiple locations, whether large retailers, local stores, fulfillment centers, or even dark stores.

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Elevate the restocking experience

Optimize retail inventory management and delivery by aligning restocking with evolving customer demands and offering same-day or next-day options. All while considering real-time capacity and constraints.

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Unlock efficiencies with dynamic routing

Restock more shelves on each route, save on delivery costs, ensure strict service levels, and enhance resource utilization with dynamic route planning.

“ We use Locus for dynamic planning to support our delivery routes, as well as for tracking all-mile delivery.

Locus capabilities can handle various business constraints. With its powerful routing solution, Locus helped us increase the delivery SLA to 95% and reduced the number of vehicles in use by 18% in one year.”

Fajar Elektro

GM Supply Chain

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18% Reduction in vehicle expenses & 95% increase in delivery SLA

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Fulfill orders even in fluctuating demand

Gain precision and predictability in fulfillment execution by having transporters readily available, all while improving service levels and resource utilization.

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Have eyes on every shipment, always

Ensure effective logistics execution at all miles, from inbound to outbound movement, with end-to-end visibility. Quickly resolve on-ground issues, reduce exceptions with geofenced alerts, and offer customers turn-by-turn updates.

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