Driver Companion App

Leverage advanced algorithms to automatically schedule daily pick-ups, and deliveries, and manage cancellations and returns most efficiently while maintaining SLAs and peak resource utilization.

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Empowering drivers to achieve new levels of productivity

The Driver Companion App establishes a seamless communication pathway between dispatchers and drivers throughout the fulfillment journey. An easy access to visibility over performance and earnings for drivers through the Locus Companion App.


Total deliveries optimized


Savings in logistics costs


On-time deliveries

Key challenges to driver productivity

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Make every delivery more efficient than the last with structured workflows

Navigate Drivers at Every Turn

Navigate drivers at every turn

Push daily dispatch plans & street-level routing instructions to drivers on a white-labeled companion app for a cohesive driver & customer experience.

Bring on-road Readiness

Bring on-road readiness

Empower drivers with a powerful, interactive app that makes daily decision-making & task handling a breeze.

Create Custom Delivery Workflows

Create custom delivery workflows

Build your own proof of task completion forms and checklists to best suit your business & the industry you operate in.

Capture Multi-format Proof of Delivery

Capture multi-format proof of delivery

Minimize post-delivery escalations with detailed records of shipment status, chain of custody, item-level scanning, customer signature, and confirmations.

Make Roads Safer for Drivers

Make roads safer for drivers

Factor in stops, layovers, & scheduled breaks in daily task plans to ensure compliance to hours of service & reduce driver fatigue.

Manage Exceptions Seamlessly

Manage exceptions seamlessly

Factor in stops, layovers, & scheduled breaks in daily task plans to ensure compliance to hours of service & reduce driver fatigue.

Gamify Driver Performance

Gamify driver performance

Leverage an integrated performance dashboard and gamified KPI tracking to gain actionable insights on driver performance.

Fit Deliveries to Customers’ Schedules

Fit deliveries to customers’ schedules

Minimize delivery failures with order rescheduling even after dispatch and personalized delivery instructions.

Make Cancellations Simpler to Execute

Make cancellations simpler to execute

Enable friction-free cancellations powered by item-level checklists for partial cancellations and automated return to origin workflows.

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