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Enabling customer satisfaction through smart logistics in E-grocery

With operations in 25+ cities and over 18,000+ products on its platform, a leading E-grocery player in India was looking to drive down logistics costs, achieve high-level customer satisfaction and manage operations at scale. Learn now Locus helped maximize volume utilization and orders per vehicle, and minimize distance traveled, ensuring on-time delivery leading to improved customer satisfaction.


A word from our customers

Joseph Alnar K. Dela Cruz from Dairy Farm
Joseph Alnar K. Dela Cruz

Operations Manager

With the rapid growth of E-commerce around the world, we need a reliable system and partner, and that’s where Locus takes a stand!

One thing to guarantee is the team from Locus are reliable, they make sure to attend to their client’s needs working hand-in-hand to meet the expectations not only with their client but most especially with the customers. System effectivity & great people…..that’s Locus!

Mahesh Kumar J

Chief Technology Officer

For an early-stage startup like ours with complex last-mile delivery requirements, Locus helped solve the problem of planning and deliveries so effectively that we were able to scale our operations without worrying about the complexity involved in route or capacity planning.

Their API integration helped us automate the entire planning process and minimize the effort required to orchestrate complex last-mile delivery workflows across our warehouses.

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Eddy Sutisna


After six months of implementation in our largest Distribution Centre (Central DC), we received many benefits, including 10% efficiency in delivery cost without reducing our service level, thanks to Locus. The route planning process is now more standardized and faster, so the team is more focused on monitoring and solving other problems.

Finally, the volume utilization has increased among riders and performance measurement has become more accurate. Now we are launching Locus in two other DCs.

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Kashif Nawaz

Technical Project Manager

We implemented Locus’ last mile solution at The Petshop ( and we are glad we did.

It was much-needed support, especially during the pandemic time. This partnership helped us increase the per-day productivity of our drivers. We realized that Locus is able to plan bulk deliveries with unmatched accuracy and the backend is very robust in identifying the pinpoint locations, thus ensuring a hassle-free delivery experience. Thanks to Locus, we were able to reduce the planning time effort by 70% and also increase our delivery rate by 20% while always keeping our customers informed.

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When we were looking at optimizing our last mile, we were searching for a vendor that could help us bring value not only to our business but our customers.

That’s when we found Locus, a partner with an abundance of experience in optimization with clients across the spectrum both in terms of industry and geography. Their robust tool allows our teams to always optimally distribute orders based on the available fleet in next to no time allowing us to meet our SLAs. Traditionally without Locus, this would take hours and unnecessary effort. With the many lessons learned, now, in a post-Covid environment, we, as retailers, need to be ready to handle any unexpected surges in demand. With Locus, we have the confidence to know that no matter the circumstance, we won’t lose the trust our customers have placed in us to serve them each day on time.

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Abhinav Pulavarthi


Collaborating with Locus was a much-needed shot in the arm for us in fulfilling our deliveries, especially during the pandemic time. This partnership helped us in handling at least 40% more deliveries per day. Locus is second to none when it comes to planning bulk order deliveries.

One of USPs Locus is planning and scheduling of bulk orders and the back end is so robust in identifying the pinpoint locations, which will come in handy for a very smooth hyperlocal delivery experience.

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Prashant Tandon

CEO & Founder

We started using Locus services a few months ago and found it useful to manage our field operations. It helped us in creating transparency and managing our logistics field force better.

The Locus team was also very approachable and willing to help with our unique needs.

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Ly Trung Kien

Group Logistics Manager

We use Locus for real-time tracking of delivery shipments. This provides us transport visibility, helping us manage trucks more closely and proactively detect the possible issue and update delivery status to customers.

In addition, the E-POD management solution saves us a lot of time and effort, as all information is stored on the Locus platform. We are glad to be working with Team Locus.

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Abhishek Sikka

Lead Product Manager

We use Locus primarily for our vehicle service team to schedule doorstep services, pickup requests, and installation of charging solutions. Before Locus, we did not have a scalable solution. We slowly adopted Locus’ end-to-end solutions as we had to do quite a few customizations. We now do our entire service booking and service operation journey on Locus.

The solution has been very well received by our operations team. Our metrics have significantly improved. Ather Energy has made a name for itself with industry-leading experience and Locus has played an important role in that.

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Gaurav Singh

Technical Architect

Locus provides a fully interactive tool for us to plan and track our deliveries. Not only have we been able to save 15% of our logistics cost, but also able to live track of our fleet during hours of operation.

Kudos for making such a wonderful product to the Locus team.

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Amit Chaudhary

Chief Operating Officer

Locus provides a powerful routing solution that handles all our real-life situations. They are invaluable to our daily operations and have helped us increase the tasks per agent by 20% with 80% of the orders completed within SLAs.

Apart from this, Locus' team is very responsive and flexible. They customized features like rescheduling and reassign based on our needs. These are very important in the services sector as it increases the visibility of available agents and helps manage our fleet with ease. Lenskart's home eye check-up on-demand feature is powered by Locus.

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Paul Adams

Chief Operating Officer

Your solution has been excellent for our organization. We use multiple stores and multiple trucks and this can be a little complicated but Locus makes this easy. The Locus team has been really responsive and never lets an issue impact our customers. We appreciate the partnership and professionalism from the Locus team and have recommended this solution to other businesses.

Over the last six months, Locus has issues with our delivery routing a thing of the past. With just a few clicks our deliveries are routed and my drivers are on the road. If I ever do have a problem and need help, their customer service is phenomenal. I’ve gotten responses back within the hour if I ever have an issue. And they keep me updated on the issue until it is resolved. I cannot wait to see what new features they come up with in the future to benefit our company.

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Albert Koto

Senior Logistics and Operation Manager

We realized we needed a TMS to ensure faster routing and efficient delivery services, due to our unique operation process: semi-wholesale delivery. We were using manual excel-based routing, which only accommodated a few variables, and it took a minimum of two hours to commence routing. After assessing several players, we decided to go with Locus because they were willing to evolve together.

Thanks to Locus’ state-of-the-art technology and supportive engineering and account teams, we launched Locus in 24 of our DCs in less than two months. Today, Locus is fully merged with our operation process and plays a pivotal role in ensuring end-to-end fulfillment, from routing to POD. Here’s to growing together!

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Belal EL-Megharbel

CEO & Co-founder, MaxAB

Locus provided MaxAB with the platform to develop into the next level with regards to last-mile dispatching efforts which is essential to ensuring the company is aligned with its strategic vision of sustainable growth with an eye for cost efficiency. Through an automated dispatching tool, last-mile operations shifted from manual dispatching of daily orders onto trucks, serving our customers more efficiently, providing much-improved service level agreements. Different customization variables (which include order weight, truck CBM, retailer geo locations) provided by Locus’ platform have enabled the logistics team to test different simulations reaching the optimal combination of variable levels which resulted in an increase in productivity by ~ 25%.

Regarding cost, Locus has assisted in directing us towards the optimal set of order sizes per trip relative to district density, thus setting more effective pricing structures and utilizing our fleet base more effectively to cover the daily outbound volume required resulting in optimizing cost by ~15%. MaxAB is looking forward to future collaboration with Locus and leveraging more platform features which will enhance the company's logistical infrastructure beyond last-mile operations, hopefully expanding to optimizing on first and middle-mile operations through live ops tools.

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Fajar Elektro

GM Supply Chain

As a company growing every year, with 15 branches all over Indonesia and more on the way, we began using the transport system a few years ago to deliver more accurate, reliable and real-time data for our necessary analysis. This included a higher control and better monitoring of the units.

We use Locus for dynamic planning to support our delivery routes, as well as for tracking last-mile delivery. Locus capabilities can handle various business constraints. With its powerful routing solution, Locus helped us increase the delivery SLA to 95% and reduced the number of vehicles in use by 18% in one year. In addition to this, Locus’ customer support team is responsive whenever the on-ground team faces issues.

We are eager to achieve the ‘Efficient, Effective and Economic’ (EEE) goal with Locus.

  • Efficient unit usage leads us to unit optimization.
  • Effective routing helps us save time.
  • Economic routing helps us save costs.

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Wren Paul Jr.

Sr. Vice president

Collaborating with Locus was a much-needed shot in the arm for us in fulfilling our deliveries on time. This partnership helped us in easing the time taken to prepare accurate and cost-effective routes.

The USP of Locus is planning, scheduling, and tracking of vehicles. It has a very user-friendly and simple to use and understand UI, and would surely recommend this solution to all businesses in the hyperlocal space.

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V.S. Sudhakar

Co-Founder & Executive Director

We use Locus for automatically planning our delivery routes and tracking our last-mile delivery. They have worked closely with our Product team to keep enhancing the product.

The new feature which they deployed recently with real-time alerts and planned vs. actual comparison in an extremely simple UI has really helped our Ops teams manage the last-mile deliveries effectively. We are happy with the commitment they have to the client's needs and the focus on constant improvement.

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Ashish Garg

Lead – Demand Generation

Optimum utilization of sales resources is one of the most prominent challenges that we face in a country like India. Locus has helped us in making optimized beat plans for our Field Officer Sales (FOS) that has resulted in an increase in productivity and efficiency.

With Locus, we have been able to execute up to 90% of the planned sales beat plans. We can now ensure coverage of maximum customers optimizing time utilization of our on-ground resources which helps us in increasing per resource revenues.

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Mohamed Khamis

Operations Manager

I am proud to be a part of Locus and consider it one of the key factors to success. This is an excellent and very professional team with a 24-hour-support.

Flexibility in reports design, reports one of the most important & precious outcomes from the locus. Wide Capability to fulfill your business requirement. All-day monitor & control over your distribution team. Better utilization of your vehicles. Add on more than 10% efficiency which is much greater in the launch phase with more reliability & time-saving.

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Enabling customer satisfaction through smart logistics in e-grocery

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How can Locus help manage your logistics?

  • Locus’ proprietary geocoding engine converts the fuzziest of the addresses into precise geographical coordinates thereby helping your on-ground executives locate addresses easily.
  • Digitize all your operational variables such as fleets, delivery persons etc. to come up with the best route plan every day.
  • Track your orders in real-time with the Locus Live Dashboard. Locus’ last-mile delivery app Locus On The Road (LOTR) helps delivery partners process orders.
  • Visualize and tweak your scheduled plans via three key metrics— geography, time, & vehicle (fleet)—with a birds-eye view of your entire operations.
  • Build your own reports and analyze important parameters that you need to make key decisions.

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