Capacity Management

Ensure adequate for efficient fulfillment at any given time by organizing driver schedules and tracking resource availability for shipment allocation with an integrated shift and roster management system.

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Flexible scheduling for optimal resource management

Capacity management keeps businesses growing by using flexible scheduling to handle fluctuations in demand and resources. It predicts and manages resources, like fleet and driver capacity, to improve dispatch and routing, meeting the high expectations of today’s customers.


Total deliveries optimized


Savings in logistics costs


On-time deliveries

Solve key capacity management challenges

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Predictable capacity management for uninterrupted growth

Helps you Plan Ahead (or at the Last Minute)

Helps you plan ahead (or at the last minute)

Avoid operational disruptions due to unpredictable demand and on-ground resource availability, with automated real-time scheduling.

Gain Visibility into Fleet Operations

Gain visibility into fleet operations

Define operating hours, apply shifts, and track the availability of drivers and vehicles across teams and geographies on a unified dashboard.

Plan around Sick Days and Holidays

Plan around sick days and holidays

Avoid double booking or the underutilization of on-ground teams to ensure optimal capacity utilization bringing down delivery costs.

Dynamically Engage Carrier Partners to Meet Extra Demand

Dynamically engage carrier partners to meet extra demand

Outsource deliveries to third-party carriers to meet unexpected demand surges, daily peak windows, and peak season volumes.

Driver Capacity-led Operations

Driver capacity-led operations

Increase first-attempt and on-time delivery rates, optimize fleet usage for profitability, and stay cost-efficient with flexible scheduling.

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