Locus API Documentation

This section provides all the resources needed to explore and carry out API integrations with Locus.


Please note: API integrations are only available to Locus clients.

  • Raise a request for API integrations by filling out this form to schedule a demo.
  • A Locus representative will reach out to you and share the authentication steps on your email. This includes your Client ID and authentication details.
  • Use those steps to authenticate your API requests.

Usage Instructions

The links below render each collection on a SwaggerUI interface. The specifications are compliant to the OpenAPI 2.0 specification.

  • Navigate to a collection. This will list groups of related APIs under specific tags.
  • Expand a tag to explore the API nested under it.
  • Expand any API entry to view request and response structures.
  • Expand any linked models to view the underlying schema/sample values and description.
  • Click on the “Authorize” button on the top right to specify authentication details before invoking any API.

API Reference

Here is the documentation for our products:

Product Documentation
Order Management Click Here
Master data management Click Here