Delivery Linked Checkout

Enable flexible buying experiences for customers by allowing customers to have better control over the time, place, and nature of order deliveries while scaling for optimized order fulfillment.

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Order Fulfillment at its Best

Delivery Linked Checkout differentiates businesses by providing their customers with new levels of convenience through flexible, time-definitive deliveries while improving operational excellence through predictive resource planning.

It also allows businesses to cater to diverse customer preferences at the doorstep and in-store by bringing innovative fulfillment models on a single platform, such as doorstep deliveries, Click & Collect Fulfillment, and subscription-based deliveries.

Solve Key Customer Experience Challenges

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Implement Innovative Fulfillment Models on a Single Platform 


Doorstep Deliveries at Checkout

Power fast, predictable, & convenient fulfillment with packages delivered right at customers’ doorstep, on a date & time of their choice.


Bring predictability to capacity utilization with pre-subscribed orders

Optimize fleet efficiency & cost by predicting capacity needs ahead of time for recurring shipments.


Foster long term relationships with customers through an elevated delivery experience

Create steady revenue channels with pre-scheduled recurring deliveries right at checkout.


Click & Collect: Win-win Fulfillment

Enable customers to pick orders up at preferred time & location for greater convenience & zero shipping costs. Add cancellations and reschedules for pickup on branded tracking pages that also share programmatic status updates.


Provide Delivery Experiences Customers Love

Provide accurate delivery forecasts through dynamic ETAs, predictive alerts, and live location on branded tracking pages. Minimize delivery failures with easy order rescheduling even after dispatch & personalized delivery instructions.

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