Locus For Retail: 5-Star Customer Ratings, Always

Whether you are a big box retailer or a department or convenience store chain, leverage industry-leading retail logistics solutions for sustained profitability. Ensure memorable experiences by improving operational efficiency while keeping costs in check.

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The Complete Order-to-Delivery Solution for Retail Enterprises

The Locus Edge

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Streamline Fulfillment To Meet Growing Customer Demands

Enable quicker fulfillment by automating planning and dispatch workflows across diverse fulfillment models, right from order to delivery, on a centralized platform

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Boost Competitiveness With Multi-Trip and On-Demand Routing

Ensure timely and efficient deliveries with optimized routing and scheduling across multi-trip, multi-day, multi-leg, on-demand, and hyper-local use cases, boosting retailer competitiveness.

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Integrate Operations for Enhanced Omnichannel Experiences

Optimize for costs and order volumes, service capacity, response times, and fulfill incoming demand across multiple channels by automating fleet selection.

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Drive Repeat Business with Convenient and Flexible Delivery Options

Power consistent fulfillment according to every customer’s convenience by offering multiple time windows and rescheduling options even after order pickup.

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Elevate the Customer Experience with Turn-by-turn Updates

Keep your customers in the loop with order-to-door visibility and proactive status updates on orders with a white-labeled tracking page.

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Gain Unparalleled Flexibility with Cross-Fleet Utilization

Our omnichannel retail solutions across different verticals and channels ensure optimal utilization of fleets to respond quickly adapt to market conditions and shifts in distribution models.

“ Locus is simple easy to use technology which ensures that our operation smoothly transit on the platform.

Locus’ route optimization has helped us in managing the team better, as we have a better visibility of our daily dispatches. Locus has also helped us in having transparency across stakeholders and remove human dependency.”

Safdar Hussain

Distribution Manager

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100% Digitalization of Manual Effort & 89% Driver Utilisation Rate

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Bolster Your Omnichannel Strategy with Global 3PL Networks

Meet peaks in demand and enter new markets by tapping into a vast network of carriers while maintaining high service levels and optimal resource use.

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Equip The Front Line for The Road

Enable drivers to flawlessly execute tasks despite on-road escalations with built-in navigation and simplified task lists. Boost engagement through gamified performance tracking and pay visibility.

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Improve Shipment Reliability and Predictability with Real-time Visibility

Gain end-to-end visibility of your shipments, from the moment of dispatch to final delivery, across the fulfillment lifecycle even with a diverse range of contracted or outsourced carriers.

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Get Future-Ready with Insight-led Operations

Proactively identify operational gaps and inefficiencies across the distribution network, and identify untapped markets with Advanced Analytics.

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