What is Short-Haul Trucking?

Short-haul trucking is short distance driving for transporting shipments within a 150-mile radius in a day and returning to home base at the end of each shift. Short-haul drivers usually drive between 150-250 miles for one delivery. As they are not driving on the road for weeks, they benefit from ample home time and work-life balance.

Types of Short-haul trucking

Local Trucking: Local trucking involves transporting smaller shipments traveling less than 100 miles. It involves moving products within neighbourhoods. It is more stressful than highway driving as it requires drivers to travel on city roads.

Regional Trucking: Regional truckers make trips usually between 100-250 miles. It has a predictable schedule than long-haul trucking that rarely repeats the same route.

Benefits of Short-haul trucking

  • Drivers operating in small area making driving comfortable and stressless
  • Helps drivers to spend more time with family and home
  • Predictable schedules and dedicated routes help drivers get into comfortable rhythm in their routine
  • Short-haul drivers get a better quality of life with better sleep, more time at home and less stressed on the road.
  • Short-haul drivers working alongside with large companies and get consistent work

Disadvantages of Short-haul trucking

  • Short-haul drivers travel fewer miles and are paid less
  • Drivers should run numerous short trips to equal one long haul trip
  • The flow of jobs for short-haul driving is inconsistent and seasonal
  • Requires highly skilled driving to counter risky situations

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