Software as a Service

What is Software as a Service?

Software-as-a-service (or SaaS) is a method of delivering applications as a service over the cloud. This does not require installation or maintenance of the software as it is available over the internet and so it saves the client hardware management. Also known as web-based applications, on-demand, or hosted software, SaaS applications operate on the provider’s servers.

The greatest advantage to SaaS applications is easy access. The only thing needed to make it work is a steady internet connection. Other SaaS characteristics include easy customization, which means that the model can adjust to work well with most businesses without changing their infrastructure.

Supply chain companies are working on developing more capabilities and becoming more agile to suit the need of the hour. Smart supply chain enterprises will focus more on optimizing logistics operations with SaaS in the days to come in order to be able to respond to change fast and make smarter decisions. Software-as-a-Service will certainly play a major role in transforming several industries worldwide, especially the supply chain and logistics space.

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