Contactless Delivery

What is Contactless Delivery?

Contactless delivery is typically a white-glove delivery service with minimum contact between delivery executives and customers as food or groceries are left at a spot specified by the customer at the time of ordering. Instead of handing items to people, people choose to have it left outside their doorstep for them to pick up instead.

In addition to leaving parcels outside doors, there are different contactless delivery options for customers where they can stay informed about the orders, including:

  • Leaving the orders near front steps, mailbox, front desk, concierge, or parcel locker
  • Ringing doorbell or not ringing doorbell
  • Making a phone call or a missed call during deliveries
  • Sending a text message as deliveries take place
  • Taking the picture of the package being delivered or placed and sending it to the customer

The COVID-19 pandemic forced people across the globe to adopt several changes in their lifestyles to minimize the spreading of the virus — staying at home, avoiding public spaces, wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, and maintaining a physical distance of one to two meters (three to six feet) between people.

As a result, the pandemic has caused a spike in online shopping, and home delivery of goods. Which led to a great demand for contactless or zero-touch delivery practices, especially with regards to food and grocery deliveries.

How can delivery businesses implement contactless deliveries successfully?

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with delivery partners to help them adapt to this new delivery practice
  • Use visibility and real-time fleet tracking software to keep customers notified on the status of their order
  • Leverage logistics tech to speed up delivery processes and reduce the scope for errors for contactless deliveries
  • Implement digitized Proof of Delivery systems to avoid physical contact, such as a uploading a picture of the order on completion of delivery

Benefits for businesses that adopt contactless deliveries

  • Improves brand loyalty for businesses
  • Increases digital payments
  • Elevates customer goodwill
  • Improves safety of delivery agents and customers
  • Minimizes the spreading of contagious and infectious diseases
  • Brings sustainability to businesses

How Locus helps businesses implement contactless delivery

Last-mile logistics planning | Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) | Live order tracking and fleet monitoring

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