Cold Chain Logistics

What is Cold Chain Logistics?

Logistics processes that are responsible for the safe transport of goods that are temperature sensitive are known as Cold Chain Logistics. Goods that constitute such processes include meat and seafood, produce, medical supply, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals. All perishable food likely falls under this category. All goods that are sensitive to heat, humidity, vibrations and shocks also fall under this category.

The many moving parts of cold stage logistics include cold storage, cooling systems, cold transport, cold processing, and cold distribution. To keep a check on these traditional route planning and optimization can prove insufficient and inflexible. A logistics optimization software can serve as the best solution to this problem.

Crucial alert notifications Delays need to be avoided at all costs and efficient communication is essential in the case of cold-storage company logistics. Delivery optimization software with its real-time tracking ability aids fleet managers with alerts and quick notifications.

Proof of delivery Delivery proof is evidence that the delivery has been made. It also determines the expiry date of goods. A good automated proof for pick-up and delivery is photo verification as well.

Fast, flexible and streamlined deliveries Fleet managers can easily plan delivery schedules. Pharma companies can become cost-efficient by reducing the distance traveled and including a maximum number of stops.

Locus offerings for Cold Chain Logistics

Delivery optimization | Delivery proof | Cost-efficient deliveries | Flexible delivery schedules

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