What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about monumental change in many industries and the supply chain is one of them. AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines and is used to interpret large volumes of data at a time. The rules of AI are simple: collect, analyze and retrieve data. It minimizes the risk of human error.

Contextual intelligence With contextual intelligence, supply chains can cut operational costs and manage their inventories better. It also helps develop a better understanding of the client and reduces response time. Companies can get new insights into the supply chain and warehouse management and logistics.

Accurate demand forecasting Demand forecasting can help with automated sorting, self-management of inventory systems, and improved warehouse management, among other things.

Enhanced supply chain productivity These productivity insights can be used to analyze and better performance. It also increases pace among workers by automating mundane tasks.

Better customer experience Audits, in-full delivery performance, evaluation, credit scoring, and all data related to the supplier can be analyzed with the help of AI. This improves the relationship between the company, customers, and logistics providers. Voice-based service is used to track the shipment and all issues can be directed to the customer assistance team.

How Locus’s AI aids businesses

Workforce and logistics management | Reduced customer response time | Optimized shipping

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How can Locus help manage your logistics?

  • Locus’ proprietary geocoding engine converts the fuzziest of the addresses into precise geographical coordinates thereby helping your on-ground executives locate addresses easily.
  • Digitize all your operational variables such as fleets, delivery persons etc. to come up with the best route plan every day.
  • Track your orders in real-time with the Locus Live Dashboard. Locus’ all-mile delivery app Locus On The Road (LOTR) helps delivery partners process orders.
  • Visualize and tweak your scheduled plans via three key metrics— geography, time, & vehicle (fleet)—with a birds-eye view of your entire operations.
  • Build your own reports and analyze important parameters that you need to make key decisions.

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