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What is Long-Haul Trucking?

Long-haul trucking is long-distance transportation carried out through commercial trucks for a distance of 250 miles or more. It requires drivers to be familiar with cargo handling law and relevant driving regulations in all the states they pass through. It is also known as Over the Road (OTR) trucking.

Challenges faced by long-haul trucking companies

  • Increasing fuel costs due to a long-distance travel
  • Maintaining the Hours of Service Regulations for fleet drivers
  • Higher chances of damage to products due to the long-distance thereby leading to rejected shipments

Challenges faced by long-haul truck drivers

  • Irregular work schedule
  • Long hours of driving leading to fatigue
  • Stress

Difference between long-haul trucking and short-haul trucking

Short-haul truckingLong-haul trucking
Short-haul trucking covers a distance of 150-mile radiusLong-haul trucking covers 250 miles or more
Operating and equipment costs lower compared to long-haul truckingOperating and Equipment costs incurred are higher than short-haul trucking
Short-haul drivers require experience in maneuvering city roads, narrow laneways and sharp turnsLong-haul drivers need to be well aware of inter-state regulations and laws, as they cross borders.
On-the road expenses are lower for Short-haul truckingOn-the road expenses are higher for long-haul driver

How Locus offerings or capabilities can help overcome Long-haul trucker challenges:

Real-time fleet tracking | Long-haul vehicle routing and scheduling | Multi-route planner | Truck routing software | Truck dispatch software

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