Locus at 9 : Global in Scale, Local in Detail

As we celebrate nine years this year, we reflect on our journey and evolution as a leading logistics management platform.

Our journey

From our inception as a women’s safety app, we seized the potential to drive real-world growth in the logistics industry.

Along the way, we had the privilege of working with leading enterprises across the globe, gaining deep insights across various industries.

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Global insights, local impact

Our AI-powered Route Planning solution has acquired rich insights from 30+ countries and over 380 deployments. From road restrictions to traffic conditions, it can now automate route optimization across 180+ constraints.

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Addresses in some parts of the world are inaccurate, vague and unclear. With an algorithmic approach that incorporates confidence scores and historical learning, our Geocoder was able to learn how to convert unclear addresses into precise latitudes and longitudes and replicate the same result for different countries.

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Businesses outsource fulfillment for all kinds of reasons, whether it is choosing to run on an asset-light model to dealing with capacity crunches, and they all have different shipping needs. With this in mind, ShipFlex, our Multicarrier Parcel Managmeent Solution, was built for businesses to access a wide network of 160+ carriers, ranging from international shippers to hyperlocal ones.

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Integrated solutions for a global market

Recognizing the need for a cohesive approach, we unified our diverse set of products into a single platform.

Today, Locus operates in over 30 countries, with a multilingual team that understands local needs while maintaining a global perspective.

Commitment to high standards

We drive and deliver real-world growth to our clients, adhering to global standards of excellence. Our first-principles approach to problem-solving is foundational to consistently achieving this.

Our platform is certified according to leading privacy and security standards, ensuring that our solutions are effective, reliable, and secure.

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We pride ourselves on our compatibility with the most important logistics management systems, making integration seamless for our clients.

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Celebrating our impact

We are proud of the impact we have driven for businesses in streamline their operations, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Total deliveries optimized


Savings in logistics costs


Clients served


Reduction in GHG emissions

Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each market, embodying our philosophy of being “Global in Scale and Local in Detail.”

Join us in our journey towards logistics excellence

At Locus, we are committed to delivering real-world growth through relentless innovation. We are excited about leveraging the latest developments in AI to unlock the next milestone in logistics excellence.

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We invite you to join us as we move forward, leveraging our global insights to drive local success. Together, we can achieve remarkable growth and efficiency in the logistics industry.