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60 %
Reduction in sorting time
75 %
Reduction in dispatch planning time
27 %
Decrease in operational costs
Why Locus

Locus helps you in managing variability in your business by bringing consistency and efficiency in your dispatch operations. Reduced human dependencies lead to saving in costs and overall better customer satisfaction.

  • Geocoding and accurate address detection IP to automate your sorting processes (primary & secondary).
  • Optimal fleet mix and route plan for the vehicles respecting business as well as local constraints such as traffic, any route restrictions etc.
  • Intelligent clubbing of orders based on properties such as preferred delivery time slots, priority orders, location preference, and order specifications( weight, size etc.).
  • Control tower application to manage unforeseen operational issues and run an efficient customer service team.
  • Predictive alerts on delays, vehicle breakdowns, idle time etc. to improve both customer experience and efficiency of delivery executives.
  • Predicts time windows of delivery for customers thereby increasing first attempt delivery rates and hence greater customer satisfaction.
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