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Press Release

November 30, 2022

Locus, a Leading Last-Mile Logistics Tech Company, Deepens Its Presence In Mexico

The company partners with Last-Mile Consulting to strengthen its go-to-market in the final mile for Retailers, FMCG companies, and CEPs.

30 November 2022, Mexico: Locus, a leading-edge technology company solving for excellence in last-mile logistics, announced today that it has deepened its presence in Mexico. This operational expansion aligns well with the company’s commitment to enabling businesses to transform their last-mile processes into growth centers.

The significant growth in Mexico’s e-commerce sector has not just boosted the overall logistics sector but has added another layer of pressure on last-mile deliveries. According to industry statistics, over 350 million deliveries were made in 2020— a figure that doubled that in 2012. Given the unprecedented rise in online shoppers, businesses in Mexico realize the value of digitizing their logistics operations at scale, especially the last mile, to deliver delightful customer experiences.

Locus provides a real-world dispatch management solution that helps enterprises seamlessly manage all stages of last-mile fulfillment on a single, integrated platform. In North and Latin America, Locus’ platform is currently being used by multiple clients across industries, from multinational consumer packaged goods (CPG) enterprises to new-age ecommerce startups, for a full range of fulfillment processes such as order allocation, route planning, carrier and capacity management, and analytics.

Nishith Rastogi, Founder and CEO of Locus said - “Mexico offers a huge untapped potential for logistics technology players like us. Working with our existing customers on ground zero in Mexico and other geographies has given us the confidence that our offerings are well-suited for Latin America and that they can efficiently and effectively address the logistics pain points of Mexican businesses from the last-mile standpoint. We will bring our global expertise and learnings to the market, enabling the local enterprises to make every delivery more efficient than the last.”

To double down its efforts in Mexico, Locus has partnered with Last-Mile Consulting, a leading logistics consultancy founded by Federico Tamayo, an industry veteran who has 30+ years of experience in the logistics sector. Through this strategic partnership, Locus will granularly understand the regional market nuances and be able to service its existing and new customers better.

Locus has helped its customers execute 650+ million deliveries across 30+ countries, saving over 43 million miles, $200 million in logistics costs, and 18 million tons in greenhouse gas emissions. It has received mentions in multiple lists by Gartner lists such as 2022 Hype Cycle™ for Supply Chain Execution Technologies, Hype Cycle for Smart City Technologies and Solutions, Representative Vendor in Gartner® Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling and Last-Mile Technologies, 2021, among others.

About Locus

Locus is a leading-edge technology company solving one of the most challenging global supply chain problems: Last-mile logistics. Locus' order-to-delivery dispatch management software helps enterprises transform their last-mile logistics operations from cost centers to revenue generators through advanced optimization algorithms and intuitive workflow automation that equip businesses with the tools needed to maximize efficiency while delighting customers.

Founded in 2015 and backed by GIC Singapore, Tiger Global, Qualcomm Ventures, and Falcon Edge, Locus has helped a wide range of customers globally across industries–including Unilever, Nestle, Bukalapak, The Tata Group, BlueDart, and more–execute 650 million deliveries across 30+ countries across Latin America, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, ANZ, and the Indian subcontinent. Its technology has also helped save $200 million in transit costs, offsetting 70 million kilograms in CO2 emissions while maintaining a 99.5% SLA adherence ratio.

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