Electronic Signature

What is Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a legally valid signature to give approval on electronic documents and forms. It works as a replacement for handwritten signatures and provides ease in all virtual communication.

Legally binding Also known as e-signatures, electronic signatures are legally binding and are applicable in all industrialized countries in the world

Fast, cost-effective, and environment-friendly E-signatures can speed up transactions and save precious time. A lot of money can also be saved because of reduced spending on ink and postage.

Difference between electronic and digital signatures Digital signature is a specific type of electronic signature that uses certificate-based digital IDs from service providers to show proof of signing.

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) ePod is the digital signature acknowledgment of a traditional receipt. An electronic signature of the customer is taken for the delivered order and helps in reducing on-ground formalities and increasing the real-time visibility of the supply chain.

How E-signature benefits the supply chain

Boosts workforce productivity | Enhances customer satisfaction | Improves end-to-end visibility | Reduces paperwork and human errors | Enables contactless deliveries

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