Omnichannel fulfillment in Retail

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In-time store fulfilment using Retail Omnichannel fulfillment
99 % Increase in efficiency
In-time store fulfilment
Reducing in freight costs using Retail Omnichannel fulfillment
17 % Locus Cost Reduction
Reduction in freight costs
Increase in SLA compliance using Retail Omnichannel fulfillment
30 % Increase in efficiency
Increase in SLA compliance
Why Locus

Locus allows you to automate your dispatching processes while respecting real life constraints to bring efficiency, transparency and consistency in your omnichannel retailing.

  • Locus lets you use existing retail infrastructure to build your omnichannel platform. Hence helping you achieve same day door-step deliveries to your customers.
  • Omnichannel management after consideration of business dynamics including SKU bifurcation, retail outlet work timings, regulatory constraints etc. for the optimized dispatch plans.
  • Optimal fleet mix (one-time as well as daily dynamic plans) for fulfilment operations.
  • Logistics optimization Solutions to manage forward and reverse logistics effortlessly.
  • Real-time ETA calculations, with delay notifications and adjustments on the go.
  • Identification of serviceable area for your stores and the optimal warehouse location.
  • Locus analytics and insights help you track and compare the performance of your vehicles, warehouses, and workforce.
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