Dispatch Automation for Home services

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Increase in productivity of sales and service executives with Dispatch Automation
50 % Increase in efficiency
Increase in productivity of sales and service executives
Increase in sales and service revenue with Dispatch Automation
10 % Increase in efficiency
Increase in sales and service revenue
Increase in SLA adherence with Dispatch Automation
14 % Increase in efficiency
Increase in SLA adherence
Why Locus

Locus helps you save time and serve more clients by automating the scheduling process. Improve our delivery process with on-demand order allocation, skill-based routing and consideration of on-ground constraints with Locus’ route optimization software.

  • Dispatch automation for home services executives respecting location preference, skills, ratings, experience etc. of executives.
  • Helps in managing the high cancellation and reschedule rates by effective utilisation of idle time to generate more revenue.
  • Increased customer convenience by facilitating on-demand online order booking with no additional on-ground resources required.
  • Control tower application for transparency in operations and predictive alert system on delays and deviations to drive better operational control and customer experience.
  • The most accurate mapping of service executives to the customer with automated dispatch planning for improved serviceability quotient of your brand.
  • Get better visibility and tracking of your on-ground service staff with live notifications on service deviations.
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