Sales Transformation and Logistics Optimization in CPG & FMCG

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Sales Optimization

12 %
Increase in serviceability ratio
20 %
Reduction in beat lengths
11 %
Reduction in total number of beats

Logistics Optimization

15 %
Reduction in freight costs
70 %
Reduction in planning time
Increase in OTIF
Why Locus

Locus' range of solutions helps in optimising your sales beats, automating retail fulfilment operations and reducing secondary freight cost for distributors. A single platform to increase sales productivity, provide sales optimization and reduce freight cost, both for your secondary and last-mile retail fulfilment.

  • Heuristics solution for ranking salesman on skills, experience, familiarity and preference for a locality or region.
  • Locus ensures less on-road time and more in-store time spent by sales representatives to increase sales.
  • Consideration for outlet level constraints, product category, weekly-offs, sales achieved, historical data etc. to ensure lower mirror beats, the optimal frequency of visits to outlets and accurate mapping of outlet to the salesman.
  • Traffic prediction, road constraints, the outlet timing for unloading etc. are considered to ensure optimal daily dynamic route planning for retail fulfilment.
  • Proprietary algorithms to suggest the optimal mix of dedicated and outsourced vehicles for reduced transport cost and significant time savings.
  • Real-time fleet tracking, ideal and executed route comparisons and instant alert on delays to help you with more visibility of your fleet.
  • Locus ensures reduced dispatch planning time and easy accommodation of unplanned on-demand orders in retail fulfilment with strategic logistics management.
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