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Locus FieldPro | Intuitive Beat Planning software
12 %
Increase in Sales Serviceability Ratio
20 %
Reduction in Beat length time
11 %
Reduction in total number of beats
Key Features

Automated beat plan

Sales beat optimization for mobile workforce leading to increased profitability, resource efficiency, and time savings.

Historical data consideration

Field Force Automation by taking historical salesman data into account, such as experience, total revenue generated, the assortment of goods sold, and familiarity with the stores.

Non-overlapping clusters

The non-overlapping clusters created for each 'defined group' ensures zero mirror beats in the output.

Outlet classification

Locus' permanent journey planner takes into account business rules such as type, category and classification of outlets based on revenue, SKU stream sold and historical performance.

Salesman scores

Field Force Tracking to provide individual-level salesman scores and monitoring performances based on historical data.

Geocoding engine

Simplifies and converts ambiguous addresses into exact geographic coordinates through "EVA" (Engine for Validation of Addresses).

Beats accounting for real-life constraints

FieldPro mimics and improvises factors like fatigue, time of day, seasonality, revenue targets etc.

Automated retail fulfilment

Traffic prediction, road constraints, and factors like outlet timing for unloading are considered for optimal daily dynamic route planning for retail fulfilment.

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