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Locus solutions are not just about bringing efficiency and transparency to your supply chain; we also deeply care about impacting the environment positively! Join us on this journey and get access to our ‘All you need GREEN KIT’ to create a more sustainable supply chain.

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Supply chains contribute majorly to carbon emissions and global warming.

We want to reduce the impact with green logistics. Let’s join hands and build a more sustainable future.

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Discover how to minimize the environmental impact of logistics operations

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At Locus this year, we're focusing our efforts on helping our clients achieve sustainability goals. There are various steps organizations can take regarding their supply chain and logistics to reduce the environmental impact.

Our Green Resource Kit contains all the information you need to drive sustainability and make your supply chain greener. Join us in this mission and receive our FREE Green Kit in your inbox.

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Green Logistics is Good Logistics

Green logistics refers to all the initiatives taken by businesses to minimize the overall ecological impact of logistical activities, and reducing carbon footprint and ecological wastage in all activities of forward and reverse flows of products

Green Logistics in Action

reduced emissions
17 Million KG

Reduced GHG emissions

saved trees

Trees saved

saved killometers
70 Million

Killometers Saved

Here’s where Locus steps in…

by using deep technology to make supply chain logistics sustainable

Locus Network Design Planning

Network Design Planning

Right from sourcing of raw materials, optimizing physical flow of goods from one location to another, accurate placement of supply chain nodes, warehouses, and distribution hubs to help achieve your sustainability goals, Locus can do it all!

Locus Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Plans daily dispatches and delivery routes taking into account real-world constraints, resulting in faster deliveries, lesser miles driven, and lesser fuel usage.

Locus Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility

Mitigates fuel wastage during idle hours or in traffic, and accommodates dynamic orders or returns, resulting in fewer empty miles, often called “deadhead” miles.

Locus Fleet Capacity Utilization

Fleet Capacity Utilization

Proposes ideal-sized fleet for delivery/distribution operations as well as the number of vehicles required on the ground to ensure that all vehicles are adequately utilized.

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Save paper, read up on our digital resources

Explore why and how to make supply chains greener with the help of green logistics

greener practices

How to implement greener practices in your Supply Chain

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reduce carbon footprint

Use Tech to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of your Supply Chain

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reduce carbon emission

Reduction of carbon emissions by minimizing fuel-miles

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How can Locus help manage your logistics?

  • Locus’ proprietary geocoding engine converts the fuzziest of the addresses into precise geographical coordinates thereby helping your on-ground executives locate addresses easily.
  • Digitize all your operational variables such as fleets, delivery persons, etc to come up with the best route plan every day.
  • Track your orders in real-time with the Locus Live Dashboard. Locus’ all-mile delivery app Locus On The Road (LOTR) helps delivery partners process orders.
  • Visualize and tweak your scheduled plans via three key metrics— geography, time, & vehicle(fleet)—with a birds-eye view of your entire operations.
  • Build your own reports and analyze important parameters that you need to make key decisions.

Join Industry Leaders:

$100 M+
Logistics costs reduced
100+ Years
Planning time saved
6300 + Tonnes
GHG emissions reduced

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