Managing sustainability along with efficiency is a balancing act. A more holistic approach, not just in the last mile but throughout the supply chain, is the need of the hour.

Why bother with it?

Minimizing fleet fuel costs

It’s a great competitive differentiation strategy to help businesses earn themselves a unique position

Optimal delivery routes and schedules

It brings returns on capital, and the product’s value proposition also improves with sustainable value chains

Contactless deliveries

The US government offers tax and investment incentives to businesses that opt to go green

Fleet maintenance costs

There has been an increased focus on sustainability post-pandemic

Three stages of building a sustainable supply chain



Processes are designed to reduce emissions and ethically satisfy demand with ethically sourced supply. More time and energy is spent on forecasts to reduce inventory that is no longer in use.


An essential aspect of sustainable supply chain manufacturing is monitoring energy consumption as a function of production volume.



Supply chain logistics help track, measure, and even optimize CO2 and energy consumption. It helps opt for resources that are energy efficient and CO2 neutral.

Locus for sustainability

  • Locus’ NodeIQ, with its highly intuitive interface, optimizes the physical flow of goods and provides accurate placement of supply chain nodes, warehouses, and distribution hubs.
  • NodeIQ’s Digital Twin solution creates a virtual replica of the real-world supply chain, which helps to optimize delivery networks and even create ‘what-if’ scenarios.
  • Locus DispatchIQ, our AI-driven route planning solution, is responsible for intelligent clubbing of orders and aids in planning daily dispatches.
  • The geocoding engine simplifies even the most complex addresses, saving time and leading to optimal handling of online orders and making room for rerouting.
  • Locus TrackIQ provides real-time Expected Time of Delivery (ETA) as well as advanced fleet tracking and insights.
  • Order info, route schedules, and navigation can all be managed using the Locus On The Road App (LOTR).


Green logistics practices can no longer be taken lightly. The need of the hour is to reassess supply chains end-to-end to come up with ways to ensure visibility and cut carbon emissions.

We need to be devoted to finding and adopting sustainable practices for a better, more hopeful future.

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Jadwalkan pertemuan dengan Locus

Bagaimana Locus bisa membantu logistik Anda?

  • Mesin geocoding hak milik Locus mengonversi data alamat yang kacau menjadi koordinat geografis yang membantu eksekutif lapangan Anda untuk mencari alamat dengan mudah.
  • Digitasi semua variabel operasional Anda seperti armada, orang pengiriman, dll untuk menghasilkan rencana rute terbaik setiap hari.
  • Lacak pesanan Anda secara real-time dengan Locus Live Dashboard. Aplikasi pengiriman mil terakhir yang bernama Locus On The Road (LOTR) membantu mitra pengiriman dalam memroses pesanan.
  • Visualisasikan dan sesuaikan rencana terjadwal Anda melalui tiga metrik utama— geografi, waktu, & kendaraan (armada)—dengan pandangan menyeluruh dari seluruh operasi Anda.
  • Susun laporan Anda sendiri dan analisis parameter penting yang Anda perlukan untuk membuat keputusan penting.

Bergabunglah dengan para Pemimpin Industri:

$100 m+
Biaya logistik berkurang
100+ Bertahun-tahun
Penghematan waktu perencanaan
6300 + Ton
Pengurangan Emisi GRK

Jadwalkan demo

Dengan mengklik kirim, Anda memberi kami persetujuan Anda untuk berkomunikasi melalui email atau telepon, tentang demo yang Anda minta.

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