“The amateurs discuss tactics: the professionals discuss logistics”

~ Napolean Bonaparte

2021 witnessed a lot of business professionals worldwide discussing logistics seriously. Stepping into 2022, t is critical for businesses to understand logistics trends that could highly impact their supply chains. Here are the top 10 logistics trends to watch out for.

road background

Enterprise businesses will work on optimizing their last-mile logistics

last-mile logistics
road background

There will be greater emphasis on driver recruitment and retention to counter driver shortage

driver recruitment
road background

Widespread adoption of green logistics and sustainable trucking alternatives is likely

green logistics
road background

Investments to optimize reverse logistics operations and minimize costs will be on the rise

reverse logistics operations
road background

There will be an increase in localization of supply chain networks

localization of supply chain
road background

Brands will adopt micro-fulfillment centers to meet rising same-day delivery demands

micro-fulfillment centers
road background

Retail brands will focus on building a D2C e-commerce presence

D2C e-commerce
road background

Developing elastic logistics capabilities will help in meeting consumers’ changing expectations

logistics capabilities
road background

Businesses will invest in 3PL and 4PL for logistics cost reductions and scalability

3PL and 4PL for logistics
road background

Brands will strengthen logistics to offer frictionless omnichannel experiences to customers

omnichannel experiences

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  • Mesin geocoding milik Locus mengubah alamat yang tidak jelas menjadi koordinat geografis yang akurat sehingga membantu eksekutif di lapangan agar menemukan alamat dengan mudah.
  • Digitize all your operational variables such as fleets, delivery persons, etc to come up with the best route plan every day.
  • Track your orders in real-time with the Locus Live Dashboard. Locus’ last-mile delivery app Locus On The Road (LOTR) helps delivery partners process orders.
  • Visualize and tweak your scheduled plans via three key metrics— geography, time, & vehicle(fleet)—with a birds-eye view of your entire operations.
  • Buat laporan dan analisis parameter penting yang Anda butuhkan unutk membuat keputusan penting.

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